Interested in coming to Uganda to "DANCE" with us?

Join us on a grand adventure of Love and Service. We offer a variety of different opportunities to put boots on the ground and serve in Uganda. It is our goal to not only offer an amazing learning experience for you but also ensure that you are being UTILIZED in healthy ways to see the long term goals and visions of our friends in Uganda ACTUALIZED. We often ask ourselves “How can we use extra hands and feet to see our friends' goals in Uganda achieved?”  We try our best to discover where your passions and skills will be most helpful and plug you, your friends, and your family right into meaningful work while learning a lot about how to love and serve a community.

While serving, we also recognize that this may be the only time you are removed from the pulls and distractions of every day life and thrust out of your comfort zone and into an environment that will stretch you. Our hope is to take advantage of your time in Uganda. You will be challenged, urged to think outside the box, encouraged to learn, pushed to try new things, and as a result, you will grow and may never be the same again! 


It is a part of our identity at CLD to raise the next generation of leaders. This heart leaks into the classroom at Wakiso Christian International Academy as well as at the Basecamp with Volunteers in Uganda. Your time in Uganda will empower you as a contributor to your own community. Leadership and service are inseparable, and we want to offer an environment and the guidance to see everyone who joins us leave as a better leader. Think discipleship and leadership training meets amazing cross-cultural adventure in service.

Below are a list of options we have for you to come and work alongside us in Uganda. Every trip is different, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.        

Summer Immersion (May - August 15th)

Join us for anywhere from 2-12 weeks as we serve, learn and grow together. Come as an individual, organize a group of friends, bring your church group, or travel here as a family. For more info email Jeremy @ Come Lets Dance . org or submit an APPLICATION. 

University Trips (3-6 Weeks)

Get a group of your friends together, host an info night to invite other students, and come serve Uganda together. This is not only a fun summer activity for you and your group of friends, but it will also bring you closer together and challenge you to go home and impact your own community!

Spring & Fall Teams  

Our Spring & Fall Teams are an opportunity to spend time in Uganda for a more focused, extended period of time. We normally expect people to come for 1-3 months but your trip can be shorter if you're coming as a group. This is also a time to grow deep, meaningful relationships with people within the community to truly understand how to partner and meet individual needs. Many of CLD's best programs have been launched by spring/fall team members who have come during this time, exercised their passions and gifts, and have left our entire community better then it was before. For more info email Jaymie @ Come Lets Dance . org or submit an APPLICATION. 

Focus Trips For Professionals

More then ever, CLD is in need of individuals willing to bring their skills and experience to Uganda. Whether you are a health care worker, counselor, teacher, or business person, we have a huge need for people with experience and expertise to partner with us in Uganda. Email us for details on when we are sending specialized groups or if you have a specific skill set you think would be helpful in Uganda, we'd love to hear from you.

Spring Break & High School Trips

Let your students organize an educational and service based trip to Uganda and offer to be their chaperone. Host weekly meetings, study Uganda’s climate, geographic location and political makeup. Then come and see it first hand over Spring Break! It is really simple and will become something your students will never forget!

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Family Trips

Forget the pool, and revolutionize your next family vacation. Offer your family the opportunity to learn about the world by serving communities different from their own. Let them collect pencils and other donations from their friends at school and have weekly family meetings where you ask challenging questions about service and other cultures. Then join us in Uganda to get a hands on experience of what it means to serve. Your family may never be the same!

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