The majority of the work Come, Let's dance does is focused in and around Kampala, the capitol city of Uganda. Strikingly, the vast majority of CLD leadership does not originally come from the big city. In fact many of our friends came to Kampala from the rural villages that their parents or grandparents live in, to search for opportunities or escape an impoverished life. One of our large focuses is to walk alongside and empower the leaders within our community to return in some capacity and serve the villages they come from. So, we also have a base camp in Kaliro, the village where our CLD Ugandan Director, Ben Kibumba, was born.

The base camp is a place where we go to immerse into the community completely. This complete immersion helps us to see the challenges of village life from an insiders perspective, allowing us to locate and identify needs within the community of Kaliro. Someday, we hope the base camp will be a place where we consistently send people both short and long term to walk alongside Ben's vision and the local leaders to create ripples of impact in the village. 

We are already serving Kaliro by hosting children's activity days for those who are unable to attend school, and by visiting schools within the community to serve both the teachers and students. Another way we hope to make an impact in the village is by holding farming seminars and classes to show local farmers how to increase yields by using the Farming God's Way tool that we are using on our farm in Mwera. This simple and extremely practical tool can help change the community, quite literally, from the ground up by allowing these subsistence farmers (families who survive off of what they are growing) to get the most out of their land. We are extremely excited to see what is next for CLD in Kaliro.