Imparting Character - Shaping Culture

We have built buildings, created programs, and hosted hundreds of volunteers, but those are just a platform for the more important goal of building relationships and investing in people. Money can buy food, bricks, plane tickets or a well, but what we're really investing in is the character and personal development of people. We develop people to have resilience and strong values... People with the skills and support necessary to have a tangible impact on their community. We help turn people's mourning into dancing.

At the school we don't just educate kids, we instill a value system for taking a responsibility for their neighborhood.

The farm doesn't just exist to teach agricultural techniques, we show young men the honor of using their own two hands to care for their families.

Our volunteer program doesn't just paint walls, it teaches the next generation of young people what it means to sacrifice, to live with passion, and to work diligently toward a purpose beyond one's own self. 

Our leadership center doesn't just equip people to be successful managers, it show's them the hustle, humility and grit it takes to earn a livable wage while contributing value to their communities.

What the world needs more then ever is people with the skills, character, and indwelling love that is necessary to shape culture. At the heart of Come Let's Dance, we're not just paying school fees, growing crops, or helping launch new businesses; that's only a fraction of the story.

Together we are creating character that will one day shape entire cultures.