PARTNERSHIP, Poverty, & Creating Value

In the early years of Come, Let's Dance, our main priority was getting our community to a place of "sustainability". Eventually, that goal was accomplished within certain segments of our organization. In reaching those milestones, we realized that our definition of "sustainability" was actually "financial independence." In this process, we also came to understand that certain things we value would never be financially independent - things like educating kids who come from impoverished backgrounds, providing medical care to people who simply don't have the resources, or providing vocational training and support until individuals are able to provide for themselves.

Since then, we've moved to a place of mutual partnership. We see that people, no matter their economic situation, have something to learn and something to teach. We also understand that there are certain things that will always come at a cost to someone else, but there is great value in giving, sacrifice, and generosity. In kind, there is also great value and dignity in equipping and challenging people to move out of their current circumstances whether economic, spiritual, emotional, or physical.