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If you've made it this far on our website, it is probably because you talked to a friend about CLD or you know someone who has been (or is going) to Uganda with us.  If you are wondering how to best get involved and support CLD, our first answer will always be, "Come to Uganda."   There's only so much word of mouth, websites, and social media posts can do. With that understanding, we know that not everyone is able to make the 9,000 mile flight to East Africa, and we want to do our best connecting you to the community, stories, and culture of Come Let's Dance. 

If you haven't yet, check out the navigation bar and "People Over Projects" to get a better understanding of the history, vision, process, and passion behind everything we do. 

What are you Giving Toward? 

Imparting Character - Shaping Culture


Education- Poverty Alleviation- Leadership – Business Development

With your donation you are supporting Education. Hundreds of students at WCIA Primary and WCIA High School attend classes equipped with well-trained teachers and receive a holistic education. Women and men, mothers and fathers, receive training at Thread of Life and Double Portion Farm that allows them to support their families and create path for a brighter future. Expectant mothers attend prenatal classes, and families learn to take preventive health care steps at the WCIA Medical Clinic.

Your partnership funds Poverty Alleviation in multiple areas in Uganda. Children attending WCIA, who once spent nights on the streets, have a safe place to stay while their families receive resources to move out of extreme poverty. No matter what how little they can pay every patient entering the WCIA clinic receives medical care and women at Thread of Life earn a fair wage that allows them to provide the basic necessities to their children and their families. Rural farmers learn skills at Double Portion Farm that provide their families, their communities, and their country with agricultural tools that can break the yoke of poverty.

By coming alongside Come, Let's Dance, you fund Leadership and grow Economic Development in Uganda. From the youngest student in our school, to summer interns, to seasoned employees, Come, Let’s Dance focuses on creating leaders. Without strong, diverse, leadership, very little of what we strive to do could be accomplished. Through these leaders we are developing the economy in Uganda. We ask you to believe in this next generation of Ugandan leaders and to use your donations to help give a hand-up and opportunity to young entrepreneurs looking to make a change in their communities. 


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How is Your Donation Applied?

Thank you for choosing to partner with Come, Let’s Dance. We look at every dollar given to this organization as an opportunity to invest in people, and we commit to making the most out of every dollar we receive. Your money instills character, creates dignity, and fuels the next generation. In short, thank you for investing in people. Thank you for your hope in Uganda’s future. Thank you for partnering with Come, Let’s Dance. Please read the Financial Reports below to see how your donations are being applied!

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