"Everything we do is just a platform for relationships"

from an orphanage, to a development organization, to shaping character and culture.



How it started

After sending kids to local schools only to have them come back beaten and weary, we purchased and renovated a property and launched "WCIA" primary school with 5 grades and about 65 students.


We've since launched WCIA High School and will have full k-12 classes for almost 300 students in 2018. WCIA is a great value to the community and transforming education in the community.


One day, we imagine teachers from all over Uganda coming to WCIA to be trained and equipped to ultimately change the education system of Uganda. Additionally, we hope our students will grow up to serve and impact their communities.


"Basecamp & Volunteer program"

How it started

Starting in a small 3 bedroom house near Kampala, each day a handful of people would wake up and engage the community around them. Whether it was taking kids to the doctor, visiting the slums, or eventually throwing a 60,000 person concert - Uganda became our home aways from home.


Today our leadership team welcomes almost 200 people a year to Uganda. Our goal is to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and experience to thoughtfully engage poverty. In addition to serving in Uganda, our hope is to give people a vision for engaging their own community back home.


Our ultimate goal is to train up a generation of people to care for the impoverished and broken hearted and to love their neighbor. We also hope to inspire them to launch into communities all over the world and bring the same character and culture of love we've found in Uganda. 

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"Business & Leadership Center"

How it started

Seeing that sending over donations was not a longterm solution to poverty, we started launching micro-enterprises. From Thread of Life, to Double Portion Farm, to the leasing taxi's - business has always been an opportunity to grow leaders.


Today we have the Business & Leadership Center where we educate, mentor, and consult local leaders. Developing problem solving skills, strong ethics, values, and skills in people will ultimatley promote healthy businesses.


We see business as one of the greatest tools we have to influence the character of individuals as well as contributing value to the community. One day, we hope to have trained and mentored business and community leaders all over the country. 

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"Social development Program"

How it started

We started by doing street outreaches in the slums and streets of Kampala City as well as more rural areas of Uganda. Simply building relationships with people, we found that each situation was different and money was not the answer.


Today the Social Development Program is dedicated to working alongside the poorest of the poor, empowering families, and providing the human resources to support people emotionally and spiritually. 


One day we hope to have a team of Ugandan social workers who are well equipped to meet the social/emotional needs of their communities. Additionally, we hope to be a resource for training and equipping social workers all over the country.


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How it started

After sending over money for basic necessities, we believed that growing food in Uganda was a much more economical idea. We purchased a 20 acre farm and started growing few crops and would send what we had to the kids house.


Today Double Portion Farm acts as both a fully operational farm as well as a vocational training center that teaches a method called Farming God's Way that is aimed at equipping rural farmers to support their families. The farm is also a host site for local and national training events.


One day we hope that the skills and character imparted through Farming God's Way would exist in every rural and suburban community in East Africa. Along with agriculture techniques we also hope to equip farmers with fundamental business and trade principles.



"MEdical CLinic"

How it started

With a house full of sick kids a lot of the early years were spent taking kids back and forth to local clinics. When we opened WCIA school we decided to also launch a small clinic to care for the students.


Today the Clinic has a staff of 4 people including a doctor and 2 nurses. In addition to providing medical and referral services, they also act as a small scale labor and delivery ward for the local village.


While the Clinic provides great services to the local community and school, one day we hope that our clinic would be a trianing center for young nurses to gain real world experience alongside international health care workers.

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"THread Of Life & Katanga Slum Outreach"

How it started

By showing up and building relationships in a local slum called Katanga, eventually the need arose to provide some job skills and training. From a small, rented, shop a few woman began practicing making beads and doing some basic tailoring.


Today Thread Of Life is a full fledged fashion design and production facility. Located just near to Katanga, "Thread" continues to host trainings and workshops for woman and mothers in the slum. In addition to tailoring, TOL also hosts financial trainings and other social services.


Thread Of Life has become our model of social business development and continues to be the primary resource for connecting with woman from Katanga slum. In the future we hope to provide additional job training, counseling and mentorships so that every family in Katanga would have the opportunity to have a healthy life. 

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