Child Scholarship


Over the course of history, children have never been immune to the impacts of poverty, conflict and corrupt leadership. When the foundation of community is shaken, children are often the most vulnerable as families struggle to find stability. In this next chapter of our efforts in Uganda, we will focus primarily on seeing the most vulnerable of our friends receive the most basic of tools to success in life: an education, and we are hoping that YOU will partner with us!

You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Partner with CLD on a Monthly Basis. This is a Monthly Donation for as many children as you would like. Each recurring $50 donation represents one Child, so for every additional $50 given each month you impact another child's future. Note: Consistency is our largest need in this space as we all put our hands in the middle to seeing our friends through school! 

2. One-Time General Donation. This is a one time general donation toward our Education fund. Any amount makes a difference and will be an important building block for the future education of our friends in Uganda! 


We will not be able to do this without your help. CLD has always been a small community of people relying on each other to see our community in Uganda thrive. We are incredibly thankful in advance for your support, patience and perseverance through this transition.

The time, energy and resources that a lot of you have given over the years will not be forgotten and have planted an infinite amount of seeds for change in the lives of our Ugandan friends and we are and will always be humbled by the sacrifices you have made and will hopefully continue to make as we move forward together. 

-CLD America!