About Come Let's Dance 

We are a community development organization that has been working in and around Kampala, Uganda since 2006. We are inviting a generation to live intentionally in service to others. We are helping raise and empower the leaders of tomorrow. While we take pride in each of our projects and programs in Uganda, we believe that they are only tools. Real growth, real development, real change happens on a relational level. And so we are about relationships over programs or, as we love to say: PEOPLE OVER PROJECTS.

We've learned a lot over the years, but our biggest lesson has been about sustainability. We've learned that we have to constantly ask ourselves the question, “how do we make this last beyond ourselves?” We work towards sustainability in our finances, in our vision, in our leadership, and in everything we’ve learned over the years. 

This is a journey. We are a group of people, from all over the world, who have come together in a small town called Nansana, Uganda to work together and be in community together. We invite you to come join us, journey with us, learn with us, and walk away changed. Just as we have.

Come Let's Dance is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  We have a passion for all the projects we do in Uganda: the Farm and Vocational Agriculture Schoolthe Thread of Life Sewing and Craft shopthe School and Children's Home, the Medical Clinic, and the Taxi Business ... but learning how to share all of these projects with people who have a desire to COME is one of our greatest joys. We don’t take this privilege lightly – we have hosted hundreds of volunteers and we are grateful for every person who comes through our doors.

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"We Dance" - Teaser

Ben Kibumba - Director Of Come, Let's Dance Uganda

Julie Howard - US Director

Each individual that Come, Let's Dance supports is just that, an individual.Often time's programs can get in the way of actually helping people. For that reason, we've developed a Scholarship Fund and supporting resources that we hope can help bridge the gap of understanding so that whether you are a struggling family in Uganda or an individual in America who cares about helping people, we can all learn, grow, and contribute to a better future.

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